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Genealogy 101 Update

I know, I know, it is about time this site is updated. I had big plans when I started this site several years ago, unfortunately those plans were placed on the back burner as I worked on a few other sites that I already had going. Now that those sites are running smoothly, it is time to focus on Genealogy 101.

So, what does this site offer? At the moment, there is a link directory that is helpful though in desperate need of attention and the addition of some links. By the way, you can add your own genealogy or famly history related web site to the directory and help build it up. There is also a Genealogy 101 Book Store where you can find thousands of genealogy reference books covering everything from where to begin your research to census and cemetery transcriptios and much more.

Short-term Goals of Genealogy 101:

  1. Update the link directory
  2. Add helpful tips for your research
  3. Allow others to place their research tips
  4. Site reviews of subscription based sites
  5. Software reviews of genealogy software
  6. Provide the latest information in the genealogy world

Long-term Goals of Genealogy 101:

  1. Provide genealogy relevant mail lists
  2. Provide genealogy relevant web space
  3. Provide genealogy relevant forums

Wow, those are some very big goals and I had better get started!

Good luck in your research! – Your Online Research Guide

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