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FamilyLink: New Genealogy Networking Web Site

Geographic and language barriers minimized to improve genealogy research with FamilyLink

FamilyLink, is the newest social genealogy networking Web site created to rapidly link people across the world and best of all, it is free!

“The recent surge in social networking sites demonstrates the need for people to connect around diverse types of interests” said Michael Tanne, Founder and CEO of Wink, a People Search Engine, FamilyLink provides a perfect venue for families, genealogists and family historians to share their common interests and heritage as they connect with one another and upload their photos, family tree, and family history.”

FamilyLink users can view the profiles of other individuals, communicate with individuals who have researched or are currently researching in their area of interest through the City Link feature, meet new individuals who also participate in the service, share photos, genealogical information, and post comments.

“One thing that is really interesting right now is that there really is nothing out there on the Web to help someone who lived in a certain city gather information from another city, unless they fly there. The need for this type of social networking definitely exists. FamilyLink allows people who are in different cities to connect with each other in an amazing way,” said Jason McGowan, Product Manager,

Additional features include a news feed system, Ancestor Pages, announcements pages, email features, shared connections between and, and will soon include a family tree.

5 things you can do for FREE on FamilyLink right now.

– Send messages to genealogists in more than 20 countries

– Upload photos of your favorite ancestors

– Visit city pages where your ancestors lived

– Find genealogists who read and speak other languages

– Ask a genealogist in over 1600 cities to do a local record lookup for you – Your Online Research Guide

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