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Many times while browsing through historical newspapers we run across news items that add a more personal touch to our ancestor and may even give us a little chuckle. From the heroic acts to the mischevious deeds, what have our ancestors been up to that they haven’t told us about? Will you claim this ancestor?!

Tots Planned Trip To Bagnell Dam

The police last night found two girls 8 and 9 years old respectively who were starting on a journey to Bagnell. Believing them to be homeless and without funds the police first brought them a hearty supper and turned them over to Captain Faubister. Later it was learned the children lived in Jefferson City and had planned an excursion to the dam site unknown to their parents.

Source: Jefferson City Post-Tribune, Jefferson City Missouri, February 13, 1930 – Your Online Research Guide

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4-Year-Old Carries Sister Safely Out Of Burning Home

Phoenix, Ariz., March 22 [1951] – (AP) – A 4-year-old boy carried his baby sister from their burning home last night before it and six other houses were consumed in flames.

The youngster, Charles Hanley, said: “I fetched my sister outside to save her from burning up.”

The fire started in the Hanley home and spread quickly to other frame houses, destroying six before the flames were controlled.

The children’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanley, were away.

“It got cold and I tried to light a fire in the stove,” Charles told firemen. “The big fire started when I dropped a match into a pile of papers near the stove.”

The boy’s sister, Deborah, is about nine months of age.

Source: Jefferson City Post-Tribune, Jefferson City Missouri, March 22, 1951 – Your Online Research Guide

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His Mother Is Frantic

Six-Year-Old Gets Lost
A Day On Intercity Bus

Temple City, Calif., March 28 [1951] – (AP) – Danny Ellis kissed his mother goodbye and went to a nearby corner to catch the school bus.

Several hours later Mrs. Hilda Ellis answered the telephone to learn that the Portero elementary school wanted to know why 6-year-old Danny wasn’t attending classes.

That was the beginning of fear, the start of a frantic search. Police, neighbors, bus drivers and school-children aided in the hunt.

Late yesterday the telephone rang again. Did Mrs. Ellis have a small son, the voice wanted to know. Did she? For an instant the mother was speechless with fear.

“Yes, oh, yes,” she shouted. “Where is he? Is he all right?”

“Sure ma’am, he’s ok,” reassured the caller.

“This is the Santa Fe Trailways bus station in Ludlow, about 175 miles from Temple City.

Your boy said he missed his school bus and came upon one of our buses when the driver was fixing a flat. Guess he figured one bus was as good as another.

The driver didn’t notice him until he got to Ludlow. We’ll send him back on the next bus.”

Source: Jefferson City Post-Tribune, Jefferson City Missouri, March 28, 1951 – Your Online Research Guide

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Bees Give Firemen Hot Time in Putting Out Blaze in Tree

Santa Paula, Calif., March 22 [1951] – (AP) – The Santa Paula fire laddies didn’t reckon with the bees when they were summoned to quell a tree fire.

A group of youngsters had found a bee tree. They tried to smoke out the bees but succeeded only in setting fire to the tree.

By the time the firemen got there the bees were stingin’ mad. Firemen stood 100 feet away and blasted the tree with 600 gallons of water. That ended the fire and the bees – but one of the firemen sustained several good-sized lumps.

The youngsters? They got the honey.

Source: Jefferson City Post-Tribune, Jefferson City Missouri, March 22, 1951 – Your Online Research Guide

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Boy, 5, Carries Out Threat; Packs Up And Leaves for Hills

Pasadena, Calif., March 7 [1951] – (AP) – Five-year-old Robert Tripp is back home from a mountain climbing expedition.

Robert told his mother, Mrs. Dorothy Tripp, he intended to climb a nearby mountain. But she thought nothing of it until, some time later, she noticed that he and his little red wagon were missing.

Two miles away police caught up with the young adventurer. In his red wagon were two pillow slips stuffed with extra clothing, a quart of water and a bottle of vitamin pills.

Source: Jefferson City Post-Tribune, Jefferson City Missouri, March 7, 1951 – Your Online Research Guide

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